My trip to momminess started just shy of 3 weeks ago, when I discovered I was pregnant during movie and nacho night with the hubby. Driving home from picking up some perfectly sizzling appetizers from good ol’ Boston Pizza, I insisted we stop over to shoppers, “I think we just need to test, see if I am…you never know.” Sure enough, with my hunch confirmed, while nachos were set up and movie was queued up, I told hubby the news. Nachos never tasted so good!

After making appointments, getting tests, all my prenatal information, I thought…wow this is happening, I am preparing myself for something absolutely amazing, something surreal, something I have only experienced through others.  To date, I am an aunt. Not just an aunt but one heck of a kick butt aunt, to 2  ridiculously cute nephews and 1 hilariously entertaining niece. How will I trump being an aunt? Will I be just as good as a mom? Will my child think I’m as cool? Will I be this cool?

It doesn’t matter….I had my first ultrasound today. Seeing that racey little heartbeat made me realize, I am ready for this and I can’t wait. I am going to love this little peanut (yes it quite literally looked like a peanut, though the best looking peanut I’ve ever seen), and I want to chronicle my journey so I remember this feeling.

And turning mommy blog was born.

See you soon!

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