Kidloland App: Nursery Rhymes for Kids

I am always looking for simple, fun and good developmental activities for the kids, particularly Caiden.  As an active 3 year old, who is learning daily and is familiar with navigating apps on the tablet or phone, keeping him entertained while not always giving into Netflix or just shows can be a challenge when we are out.

I know, I know, limit screen time. Which I generally agree with.  However, there are some time when you are out, at a restaurant, a wedding, or the doctor’s office, where some time on the phone/tablet is all a busy mom needs to calm a toddler who is getting super ancy.  Furthermore, we grew up watching Sesame Street, and still got in tonnes of activities and are fine. Having said all that, I will say, that whatever I give me kid…I like to know he (and eventually she) is getting something really beneficial out of it.

Kidloland nails that.

This is an app easily downloadable on any system.  I would say it is for ages 1 to 5.  It is super easy to use, so the kids can navigate themselves.  It offers a tonne of nursery rhymes, activities, also songs to make learning numbers, shapes, animal sounds, and colours super fun.

Once you are in the app, you are given a lot of options for what category you are interested in.

Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot
Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot

Once you, or your kid, makes their selection, you get more choices on what song or learning you want for that moment.  The free trial comes with a number of options, but once you subscribe, you just click the locked options and it downloads within seconds.

Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot

I kid you not, within each category, there are tonnes of options.  The options are endless, all entertaining for the little ones and they just don’t get bored.  You also don’t feel guilty because it is wholesome, safe for kids, and educational.  It’s a win win.

Caiden loves the animals and animal sounds…he knows them well but I noticed Rayna starting to take notice, and sure enough my little girl is saying “moo” when the cow comes on the screen, or “baaaaa” when we see the sheep.

Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot

The other thing I absolutely love, is the fact that once you have downloaded the package or songs within a category, it is there.  You can use it offline, no problem.  So no more fussing about connecting to wifi, or using your data.  For me, this was the winning moment, when I realized this app did this.  I don’t panic if I go to a place to eat and they have no wifi, or my data is acting up.  The kids are happy and so am I.

Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot
Turning mommy kidloland app screenshot

For all this, I think it is a great app, truly.  It’s also cheap for subscribing (about $39.99 usd for the year), but you can do it monthly and have a free 1 week trial.  The awesome thing is that you keep discovering new songs and activities, and they are adding even more.

I encourage you to give it a try…links included below.

Caiden surprised me with how much he took too it, and it’s been really good for us.

Try Kidloland by visiting one of the following links (different options per operating system):

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