It’s a boy!

I’ve been a little busy with my son the past few weeks so haven’t updated this blog… that’s right…Its a boy!

Vick and I welcomed our new baby boy on July 12th at 334am (I told you he was a party animal baby).  We’ve named him Caiden Sahil Chandra and he truly has stolen our hearts.  Caiden weighed 8lbs 9oz at birth (yes big boy)  just like daddy… ironically Vick was born at 330am (4min difference). He definitely has dad’s features, as we suspected, but I know he will continue to change.

Although labour did last over 16 hours all together, he was well worth it.  All the anticipation and wondering when we will meet happened just one day before the set due date. I cannot believe this amazing journey and experience,  and now the real work begins.

Now I have officially turned mommy.  Caiden’s mommy.

More posts to come, but for now I’m all about this little guy who has us quite wrapped around his little but long fingers.

Ugh love this guy.

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