Is it just me?

It isn’t always easy; trying to be an awesome mom and wife…and trying to take care of yourself too.  We try right?
I often look at perfectly beautiful women strolling Main and think, dang they look so put together.
I ran out of the house today in what I wore yesterday, slathered on lip balm and (you guessed it) put my hair in a pony to run some errands.
Is it just me?
turning mommy baby

I am in the midst of normally going crazy because, we are (but really I am) potty training Caiden,  plus Rayna is mobile and cannot stand to be alone in a room without me.  Meanwhile I have a million ideas in my head about what I have to do tomorrow, this week, and this month.

So far my today goals have rolled over to tomorrow, because it was one of those days I struggled to even get a shower in.  I didn’t get that shower, my dishes are half done  (good enough), and I have piles of clean but unfolded laundry in each of our rooms. A little busy, yup.
So here I am, 4am, under a sleeping baby (because it is one of those nights where she refuses to stay asleep and frankly I have given up), writing.  This is also the only time this week I have gotten a chance to really do so.  So it has me thinking,  “is it just me?”
I answered the door in my pajamas yesterday….at 3pm.  Is it just me?
I have not had a decent pedicure in months, my skin sucks right now because I don’t have the time or energy to follow my previous regime morning and night… Is it just me?
I am exhausted and feel I can never get nor keep our place clean.  I wipe something and it’s still dirty, how is that even possible… Is it just me?
I love cooking and creating meals, but lately we have ordered in, one too many times, because I cannot figure out what I could make in 15 minutes and forgot to defrost anything.  Is it just me?
I have opened my sons desk box, but have not assembled it because it requires pliers…which, we have but I really can’t fit it my day to look for them.  I will get to it the next day….but I don’t.  Is it just me?
I vow I will start doing yoga daily at 5am while the kids are still asleep so I will make sure to get that in…but it still hasn’t happened.  Is it just me?
Well at least I eat right.  Most of the time…when I can.  Well, when I’m not eating my kids leftovers because the price of everything has gone up and wasting food drives me nuts and I’m doing this at 9pm when I finally get to clean up the dinner mess….ohhh man!  Is it just me?
Chances are I am not alone here…and chances are it is not every day we feel like this.
I often get so caught up in all the stuff I have to do and planning for the future of what I want to do, I sometimes forget to just pause and reflect on what I am actually doing.
I don’t have to get a bunch of things done daily, and if what I need is to slow down and ask for help…or go for a pedi…or just do nothing at all…well it is ok.
Sometimes being a perfect mom means not being perfect at all.  Looking at others and wondering why they look more put together is unfair, you don’t know if that mom has throw up on her shirt.
The most important thing is having a blast with your kids and learning as they do. Which, I do and I am sure you guys can relate to that.
Have a great day you do-it-all, pajama wearing, non-showered, amazing moms!

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