Whoa baby!

I’m now 17 weeks, doesn’t sound like a lot in the grand scope…but sure does look like it. My belly is round, hips are big, and according to my mother, my cheeks are “chubby chubby ohhhh sooo cute.”

I am really paying attention to taking care of peanut, eating well, yoga, but I have read that weight gain is varied for each woman…often depending on genetics. I’m Fijian Indian, genetics is not so kind in that department. If you don’t know…now you know.

Having said all that, I’m actually enjoying this growth. I feel it’s confirmation my peanut is growing, because I am.

Maternity wear is a must now, though must still be cute…obviously. Just because I feel like a house doesn’t mean I have to look like it….umm all the time. I have a tonne of new tops, some cute tunics. Something is missing though…oh yeah I have yet to get pants! So I have all these tops, that hubby and mom have got me, but no pants…awkward. I rock tights most of the time, but I’m feeling less tired and lazy these days, so my first time shopping myself for preggers gear is today. I’m excited!

I’ve been told the second trimester is the best, so I plan to take advantage. I’m also told that soon I will start feeling baby move. Hasn’t happened yet, but apparently around this time it will be subtle, like butterflies. So I lay awake sometimes, super still, super quiet (I have no idea why in my mind that would make any difference, it doesn’t). Nothing yet, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

Until next time friends!

Love peanut and peanut’s house (I mean mom)

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