Got my hands full but I love it

Remember back before Caiden was born?  I had a hunch I was having a boy, but more importantly just had a feeling the baby was going to be “just like daddy”.  Well I was right,  so far.

Caiden sleeps just like daddy.  Caiden looks just like daddy (but he has my dimple). Caiden snores, a bit, just like daddy.  Caiden tosses and turns just like daddy.  Caiden loves to kick his legs just like daddy.  Caiden goes through a tonne of clothes just like daddy.  Caiden wants to be up late and play… you guessed it just like daddy. Lastly, we joke about him being a bit of a diva…hehe just like daddy.

Ohhh boy, now if this trend continues I’m definitely bound to eventually get those greys I’ve only heard about. I can see it now,  both of them coming to me saying I need this please,  giving me the same cute face no matter what the age difference.  Or attending one’s masters soccer game and another’s U-something game,  making sure both have their clothes ironed and hair perfectly gelled (yes even for a game).

Truthfully…I love it. It’s cute to see my husband turn daddy (no pun intended) and bond with his boy. No matter what, they are both my boys and love them to pieces.

I am excited for what the future holds for our new family.  I love my boys… hopefully they don’t drive me nuts!

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