Essentially Essential Oils for Me

I have always been interested in health and wellness, and never really great at taking medicines. I do love to pester the people in my life (and definitely is following suit in my children) about how to better take care of themselves too, hopefully, avoid or prevent some ailments and/or issues.  Of course, not everything is preventable, and as a parent, some things are completely unavoidable.
So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when I took to trying out essential oils. To some degree, I used to use it aromatherapy, and have always used coconut oil with the kids in massage, and also for myself. I always felt that there was so much to say about how the massage, scent, or even the effect of the oil made me feel, or my kids feel, either calm, relaxed, or fixing a nasty cold…the use of oil and/or massage revolved around that.
So when I was introduced to DoTerra oils, I immediately felt that there are some I just need to have.
I chose DoTerra as a brand, for a few reasons:
a) Purity – there is absolutely no other fillers, additives, etc. the oil is exactly what it says it is
b) Potency – because there is nothing but the oil of the ingredient, these babies are potent and so you need very little, in the case of the kids you actually dilute with coconut oil. So buying one, lasts you a long time.
c) Reliability – there is something for everything, and so much information and research behind it, as a science major, this is extremely important to me – it is backed up scientifically, not just holistically.

Here are the oils that particularly resonated with me, but I kid you not, there are so many out there that you will need to discover this for yourself (your needs).
I originally got this for sleep…days where Ray was up all night, using it as a calming scent in the room. However, I found for myself, I love this. I rub a little on my chest on days I am feeling overwhelmed or a bit nuts…and the scent of it just is so soothing and clears my head a little better. I love this scent.
On Guard
This is a daily at my house. It is a daily with the kids, diluted with coconut oil. We rub it on our feet (I sometimes forget for myself, I admit), and it just boosts immunity and gives a sense of boosted health, ready to fight the cold season. I wanted to try it, after hearing about it, and other than some runny noses here and there, generally the kids have been pretty good.
Citrus Bliss
This is just something that really spoke to me, well what I mean by that it is, it seems like MY scent. I needed energy, writing, embarking on a new career path…and when I smelled it, I immediately felt a boost. When I read about it, that is exactly what this envokes, it’s strong citrus blend and aroma is meant to give you a spark…that it does. I use this when I need to feel inspired and less sluggish, especially to write.
This one is a must-have. If you love Vicks, use camphor at all when you are sick…this is for you. The smell is camphor (for my Indian friends, kapoor). Just a few drops in the diffuser or vaporizer and it’s amazing. Diluting it with coconut oil and rubbing it on your back and chest and feet, if you have a bad cold, works wonders. I haven’t needed it a lot, due to the On Guard, but I’m not kidding, it’s awesome.
I wish I knew about this a long time ago. However, this is the tummy oil. I always use asafetida powder (hing) and coconut oil to help with this department, with the kids. But this oil serves the same purpose, without the strong smell/taste. I used it on our trip to Mexico and no one had any issues…so far so good.
There are actually quite a few others that I want to try, and have in my arsenal.  One of them being Lavendar and Balance. Lavendar for relaxation/sleep, and Balance on days I feel I need some grounding and clarity. So I still have to try those ones out.
At any rate there are soooooooo many out there, so many that you really need to just talk to someone who knows about this and is able to recommend one that you may need. I know for me, I’m happy having these on-hand. I also feel comfortable knowing it’s completely natural and safe and clean. Caiden loves them…he knows he uses On Guard daily on his feet, and says “momma I put tickle oil on myself” (the diluted oil is in a roller bottle which tickles his feet).
In the end, I just want to feel revitalized when I need to, slowly etch towards living more natural, and feel healthy and well and balanced. I mean…don’t we all?
For any questions on essential oils, how to use or even all the many uses please contact Carsen of Metamorefit Wellness by visiting the site

You can also follow and connect with her on Instagram  @metamorefit_wellness .

I always like to tell moms things that just work for me, this is one of those “things”.
Ok time for me to run on some serenity and totally zen out and sleep.

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