Energy Flowing

To me life is about energy, the flow of it, removing the negative, cultivating the positive, and keeping that flowing. It can be a challenge but the trick is to find those that contain positive energy, and making time to spend with them.

I wanted to remember this day as one massive surge of positive energy.

I woke up to my loving husband, who explained to me how I was crazy last night, not that I remember, but his sweetness made me want to just hug him and apologize. He then spent the morning making me laugh and gave me shopping mula just for me…positive energy times 2. My day continued with brunch with a friend and hubby, a walk at the farmers market, then a shopping trip with my mother in law. After a catnap, my brother came over to pick me up to hang out with him my mom and my grandmother. Last but not least I finished my day with a heart warming visit from my sister and my cousins, complete with cupcakes and them relishing in  excitement over peanut kicking. On top of that, through the whole day, I got messages or calls from other friends and family sending me love or just seeing how i’m feeling.
Yes, lots of love…the best type of energy.
As i’m getting ready for bed, I feel so fortunate, blessed and happy. I truly have a loving supporting network of people.  It is true that you will, at times in your life, have to learn what connections in your life foster the best energy for you, and rid yourself of situations creating anything but that. I feel content that my journey, thus far, has landed me in the circles of some amazing people. Just seeing and hearing from a few of those people today reminded me of how lucky I am, and how lucky our baby will be to be born into a network of love and good energy.
Peanut, you are going to be so loved…you don’t even know.
Love you all…xoxo

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