Best Birthday to Date!

I’ve had a lot of great birthday celebrations,  a lot of good times,  drinks, nights out,  memories,  milestones, surprises etc. However,  none surpass my first as a mommy.  It’s amazing how special I felt waking up to an adoring husband and a smiley baby…my family,  my boys.  Cards (if you know me you know I love cards and getting my first Mommy card was AWESOME), flowers and breakfast from my boys was the perfect start to my 3_ birthday!

This is a special day,  I have new feelings envoked within me, different from any other year.  I feel truly blessed and incredibly lucky. I loved spending the day with my boys.

The evening brought my siblings and best friends to come by cut my favorite cake from Breka!  Hubby chilled and had me pop some Dom (then thanked me for agreeing to be sober for a year). Had a few sips…not a bad way to start my first drink in a year!  Later we all went to our friend’s fund raiser for breast cancer (which also counted as Caiden’s first event).  Caiden was able to sleep through the noise (didn’t need those headphones after all) even when the entire hall sang me happy birthday.  I got tired just before 11 and had to get home…but my party animal baby was wide awake and playing at this time… again just like, well you know how it goes by now.

Ended my day with my baby beside me,  enjoying a cupcake and a glass of milk (in a wine glass). I couldn’t have spent it in a better way…and Vick really made it a special one. It’s all about feeling loved and holy crap did I!

Thanks to everyone for all the love and wishes and especially: Vick, Val, Neil and Nashaan, Resh and Rohan and Varsha, Jeff, Greg, Shonika, Priya, Parm, Jeassea and my main homie Caids!

Best Birthday to date!

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