And…I’m off

I have started my first official maternity leave, for a year!  What a surreal feeling to step out of the working world you have spent so much time building, and into a world of the unknown. Basically you are preparing for a job you really don’t know how to do, with no experience, and no one has screened you for.

My first morning off consisted of me waking up at 630am… looks like it will take me a bit to get used to.  The next day I woke up early again, not as early this time, but decided to, happily, make hubby lunch and plan out what I’m going to cook for dinner…ok I better make sure hubby doesn’t get used to that.

I’m a fairly organized person,  well I do project and operational management for a living so I have to be,  so I planned out things I had to do each week. So other than a few things such as washing and putting away my new baby things…I am pretty good to go. Once I finish all that, for the first time ever, I won’t really have a scheduled list of things to do.  No list to cross items off of…well I suppose I can create one that lists: have baby,  stay calm, slap hubby so he remains calm, raise kid.  Eeeeeks,  now that makes me nervous yet excited at the same time.

I will be 37 weeks this weekend.  This means the baby can come anytime from now to 3 weeks (more if overdue). So it’s so interesting to be here trying to relax,  and for the first time ever just not knowing when to expect what.  Having said all that, my body is happy to be chillaxing…while peanut grows and picks up weight and dances on mommy’s bladder.

Now I just enjoy my final weeks of pregnancy before we get to meet our baby and start this new line of work that we hopefully don’t screw up! 😉  One thing is for sure,  nervous or not, I already think this new gig, athough may have the steepest learning curve, will be the most rewarding one ever.

I hope.  No….I know 😉

Countdown is on baby poolers!

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