A Superbowl to Remember

Both Caiden and Rayna’s first Superbowls have resulted in the Denver Broncos winning the AFC championship and advancing to the Superbowl.  Both my kids are lucky for Dad and Nana’s favourite football team.  What are the chances huh?  Both kids firsts, Broncos win AFC for both.
In 2014, the Broncos ended up losing to Seattle.  However, this time, in 2016, they won!
What a victory, it was glorious to see the team you root for all season win the championship,  and of course to celebrate with your family.   What made it even more special was the fact that, for Vick, it was the first time his team won while he was here,  among family and friends (previous Superbowl wins were when he lived in Greece).  So nonetheless, it was special for my family.
All the playoff games we dressed the kids up, as well as ourselves, in Broncos gear.  We also just happened to watch them all within the comfort of our own home.  So naturally,  we had to watch Superbowl at home too.  We took a risk though,  we bought the kids new gear just for game day.   Rayna sported an orange sleeper, covered in the Broncos logo, while Caiden sported a Manning jersey.  Vick and I ordered new gear also, special Broncos Superbowl 50 bound shirts (mine read “we run the AFC”).  Needless to say,  we were crazy excited.   However, due to some delays in processing, our shirts didn’t get shipped on time…bummer!  Maybe it was a sign to not change it up totally.
So game day, my little Broncos family got ready in orange and blue, we completely decorated the house in Broncos memorabilia, set up a table full of food and drinks, had our friends over,  and had an awesome time watching the boys win this one (though I will admit it wasn’t the most exciting of games).
Caiden didn’t really care that much, and taking photos of him was like pulling teeth. Having said that,  he learned to say “Go Broncos” really well.  Rayna was a trooper. She was in the living room with us the whole time and even napped and had dinner while the game was on.   No one wanted to move her (for sake of not jinxing anything), and, frankly, she really may have been the lucky charm, at least in our eyes.
The win came with us popping some champagne,  birthday cake for our friend Neelam, dancing, singing and lots of cheering.   Then as we were settling down, my parents show up at the door.  Dad is wearing his retro Elway jersey and wearing his authentic Broncos helmet.   The crowd goes wild again!
Overall,  it was a great day and I was so happy.  I was happy my husband and dad’s team won.   I was happy it was a fun celebration.  Really though,  I was so happy to have been with my family.  It could’ve easily been a “go out with the guys” event, but to be there together,  dressed as a unit, taking pictures and just sharing these moments is what makes life so awesome.
Here are some pictures of our Superbowl 50.
Go Broncos!!!
Caiden ran away, but a great pic of 3/4 of the fam jam
Chandras and Bains posing in their Broncos gear
That smile!
They have been waiting a while to celebrate this moment.
Little Ray posing with the helmet
It’s literally almost the size of her.
Nana holding the lucky charm.
Pin, Vick, Father in Law and Dad – happy as can be
The birthday girl and me!
The kids watching the first playoff game.
Vick and the dads
This was definitely voted the best picture of the day.  Ray and her Uncle Nelly, looks like she is consoling him as the Broncos beat the Panthers…who can be upset after looking at that face though!

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