5 Signs You Are an Awesome Mom

Through my whole life I feel I can push myself to see things to the end and achieve things that sometimes feel like is a feat.  However, I never had anything to lose and the end result usually had a celebration of sort to show “hey, you did awesome!”.  Enter becoming a mom, I feel I have everything to lose, and constantly freaking out if I am doing right by my kids with little validation that I am on the right path.

Having Rayna, my second, chilled me out…okay, only a little bit.  I learned that my efforts of trying to be the best mom, keeping up with reading things (but not over-reading), talking with friends and family, and just trusting my gut is all leading me down the right path of taking care of my babes.
Having said that, I think we all still look for some signs that we are good moms.
Sometimes you get that dreaded tantrum stand-off in the mall, or your baby won’t sleep at all, or your toddler takes a whack at someone who wanted to play with the same truck…all things you immediately panic on and think “OMG am I a bad parent?”

Relax.  The answer is no.
We all have been there or going through it.  Kids go through phases, and as long as you are there for them, chances are they are just fine.  Don’t take it personal…is what I am learning.
So I thought, hey, why not give all you moms some indications that you are super crazy awesome, even if sometimes you doubt it.
1.  They love playing with you or showing you something they just did.
Kids will be kids, and soon learn to play on their own.  However, every now and then I notice Caiden wants to show us this super high tower he just built, or tells us to sing along, or tries a new thing on the playground and says “look at me”.  Even though their independence grows, they still love to show off to mom and dad, and it’s great to see he looks to us to share in something that makes him proud.
2.  They laugh!
They may cry, they may pout, but they still laugh.  They laugh hard, they laugh daily and they laugh with you.  They love to be happy and you know how to do that.
3.  If they can’t sleep, they look for you.
Regardless of the day’s activity and no matter how old,  when they wake up in the middle of the night,  your comfort is what they seek. You are the boogie-man’s cryptonite and all things soothing.
4.  They give you hugs.
At this tender age, they love cuddles from their momma.  When they get hurt, scared, or upset, your arms are their solace.  They know they are safe with you and where they feel loved.
5.  After time-out, or any punishment, they look to you.
We hate it but we have to do it, on occasion. At that moment, you seperate being a friend and know it’s best…and at that moment you think they hate you. But as soon as time-out is over they run to you and love you for freeing them. They are generally happy because you are happy with them too.

I know all moms worry, and there are no ways for little ones to say “hey mom, I was a tough kid today, but even though I refuse to listen I think you are so awesome”, just know that they say it in other ways. And know you are doing a great job just by always being there and caring.
Have a great day ladies!

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