There’s An Oil For That: My Daily DoTerra Essential Oils

As a mom, making my home chemical-free as much as possible was very important to me, enter DoTerra essential oils. No matter what the need, I have found there is an oil for just about everything…

Because I do use DoTerra essential oils daily, myself, in the home and with my kids, I thought to go over some of my favourite ones for daily use. Of course, I have a number of different ones in my arsenal for any given time or need…and so much more to go.

Why I started using DoTerra essential oils specifically.

I actually came across essential oils, just as others do, hearing about them and seeing them in people’s homes and posts. However, what resonated with me about DoTerra essential oils was the absolute purity. I know that every oil is completely containing only the oils taken directly from the source of whatever plant or botanical it is. That is why so little is needed, and why so many of the oils are ingestible. Most other ones on the market cannot claim that purity level.

For sure, there are some other popular ones, and DoTerra is pricey, however, what mattered to me was the quality and knowing that they come directly from the root, they are pure, safe and 100% natural. There is nothing else in them than what they say.

Backup to why using oils, period, was important. I realized, quickly, after having my daughter, just how abundant chemicals are. They are in the over-the-counter products (i.e. Vicks vapor rub), the cleansers we use on our floors that the babies crawl on, the deodorizers we use in our homes, and even candles! Because of that, I decided to learn more and see how I can find alternate sources for things I need in my life. As such, I decided to give them a try.

A few years later, they are a staple in my home. I use it when we are sick, I use them to clean my home, to deodorize my home, to help with mood, sleep, tantrums…you name it.

Not only do they work well, but I can rest easy that there isn’t anything harmful.

My Daily Essential-Essential Oils

Let’s chat about some of the ones I use on the daily…or at least quite often.

doterra essential oils
Adaptiv roller, Lavender, On Guard, Citrus Bliss, Easy Air, and Peppermint essential oils by DoTerra – my daily faves.

Citrus Bliss

This was the first oil that I purchased. I was looking for something to boost my energy, and as soon as I smelled it, it gave me an uplifting feel. It’s great for creativity when you are feeling sluggish. It is, as you can guess, a mix of citrus oils, the smell is very citrusy, and I love it. It’s great as a perfume as well. I usually put it on my lava bracelet or wrists so I can smell it through the day and get a boost, especially when I know I will be talking or writing a lot.


The best. The most essential. The most used, for sure. This is the immunity blend and it works to help build immunity and your cells to defend against bacteria and viruses. While it doesn’t completely ward off everything (that’s obviously impossible), it definitely helps a lot!!! The science behind it is that the oil actually is able to get through the sem-permeable membrane of the cells and helps to build them up by making the cell wall stronger…therefore making it harder for foreign items to invade it.

I dilute it with fractionated coconut oil (which you can also get through DoTerra or any health food store) and put it on the kids’ feet daily. In fact, they do it themselves now and call it “tickle oil.” It’s helped a lot with decreasing sick time from school. I even add a drop of Frankincense to it (which is the “King of Oils” and helps to further build immunity, increase cell functioning and decrease inflammation…all of which help to fight off the bad stuff).

I just didn’t want to take the things from over the counter, as I seriously grew tired of not knowing all the ingredients in them and just hoping for the best. With all the agents out there, I just want to know what’s around me vs. guessing.

The cool thing about On Guard is that it’s also an amazing cleaner. So I have the concentrate which I use on my floors, as an all-purpose spray, and I even have the laundry detergent. It also has other products…but yes the oil itself is a must-have.

Easy Air

If you use Vicks, throw it out now. Replace with Easy Air (or Breathe). You guys, this stuff is the BEST.

So let me back up and tell you that back in the day, I recall my grandmother using camphor whenever we were sick or congested. Literally taking camphor and putting it in a handkerchief (ground up) and pinning it to our clothes so we can breathe it in. Camphor is a substance, found naturally, but compounded to be used in medicinal products, for Indian people, we often use it to light our prayer candles and such. It has a very strong smell and works to instantly clear your sinuses. Vicks is made of camphor, but also contains a crapload of other items that are….chemical. So when you rub it on or put the oil in the humidifier (I did this unknowingly and actually threw it out), you are getting the camphor mixed with whatever other chemicals are in there. Now Easy Air/Breathe, is nothing but the pure camphor oil. That’s it. You are getting the actual medicinal ingredient in its purest form!!

So I mix with coconut oil and rub it on any of us, including the kids, when we are sick, I diffuse that…and honestly, it’s just nothing short of amazing. I really recommend if you use Vicks, or have any respiratory issues, or nasal congestion, to keep this baby on hand.


This just smells so darn good! I use it to relax and feel calmer, it has that tranquil vibe that comes with it in the air. It also helps with sleep, for the same reason. It also is a good oil for lice deterrents (I couple it with tea tree oil as my daughter now goes to preschool, and better safe than sorry).

If you do need oil for sleeping, there is serenity and vetiver, however, that works amazing.

I love mixing lavender in the diffuser with just about anything. As such, I do go through it. It also is nice on…as a soft perfume.


Do you get headaches? Well, when you do, simply take the peppermint and rub on the temples of your head…it cools the head down instantly. I actually create a halo around the pain and I kid you not, I have completely decreased my use for Tylenol and Advil for headaches.

Up until recently that’s all I used it for, but now, I also use it for: just providing a cooling effect when I’m feeling a bit “tempered”, I use a dab to freshen breath (the beadlets are great for that by the way), I also smell it to just give a quick boost of energy. You can also use it to flavour your coffee or hot chocolate because it literally is pure peppermint.

Such a great one!


So this is a new one to me, and to DoTerra as well, but it’s one that is getting a lot of attention…and for good reason.

Adaptiv is a blend of various oils to complement various mood support. It helps with hyperactivity, with anxiousness, with temperament, tantrums, and also helps to calm you. I didn’t know much about this one, and I was at Caiden’s karate class. I saw a mom rolling it and asked her about it…she told me, “Ok, if you are a parent you need this.”

Let’s face it, as parents there are times we are just about to lose it. This one, I have been rubbing around my face daily and it’s helped to calm me on days I feel I’m going to. Another example, Rayna was fussing on a day I had some company over. Actually, she was having a full-blown tantrum…I just had her smell a bit and just like that, she actually calmed down.

All I know is that, it will stay in my top-shelf daily for now. I have the roller, but I recommend getting the actual oil so you can diffuse it and have it in the air. I see this one being helpful for the whole family.

Other DoTerra Essential Oil Faves

I have so many I love, so perhaps I will detail them at a later time…but honestly, there is something for everything and everyone.

Whether it’s motivation, help with your gut, menstrual cramps, sleep, teething…you name it, there is an oil to support. Again, a non-medicated and non-chemical way to feel better.

Some other favourites of mine include Balance, Oregano, Lemon, Ginger, InTune, Frankincense, Serenity…the list goes on.

I use Balance for high-pressure days or feeling very stressed, I use oregano in cooking or also for immune support when I know I’m about to get sick, I use lemon and ginger in my water (concentrated amounts), and I also have a couple I use with the kids…there is a separate kids line which is so wonderful.

I hope this list was helpful…trust me I am always learning more and there are still more I find out about that I want to try.

The thing is, as you grow and change, your needs change…and there is an oil for that.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! I love to help anyone be healthier and happier, if I may. I am a wellness advocate and can help.

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To learn more about DoTerra essential oils you can also click here.

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