I Love BC Wines and This Year I Set Some BC Wine Goals

My love for BC Wines, specifically BC VQA started years ago. With so much to discover, I needed to set some BC Wine Goals and try more.

So many varieties to try, so much to explore, and so much to enjoy right here in our very own backyard. B.C. is a vast array of amazing grapes and wineries that take the time to curate every bottle into perfection. I quickly realized my love for local wines was more than just a chance to support local. There is a beauty about tasting the perfect wine for whatever mood you are in and having known it grew up in the same province you did.

Let me tell you…B.C. makes some amazing wine.

BC Wine Goals

It’s safe to say that exploring more BC VQA Wines is a general goal of mine.  So when an opportunity came up to set-up some #BCWineGoals, it seemed beyond fitting.

“What I love about wine is the fact that it can vary just as much as the person enjoying it. Each person, as unique as they are, can have a unique taste in wine, and as people change, so to can their wine preferences. Exploring local BC wine is, to me, is just as beautiful as exploring the person I am and embracing it!”

I chose 6 goals that suited my personality and with each thing I did, I found a new wine to pair that activity with. It allowed me to broaden my horizon, to explore beyond what I knew and tasted before and pushed me to learn about more BC wineries.

I feel beyond blessed to be living in a province that grows so many varietals of grapes and I’m confident, now more than ever, I need not look anywhere else for that perfect glass no matter what mood I am in.

What made it easier? There is an app.

Note: BC VQA certified wines guarantee that you’re sipping a wine that is 100% grown and made in British Columbia and to standard quality. To learn more about the BC VQA label, click here. 

The BC Wine Explorers App

Yes, the BC Wine Explorers App, which you download allows you to take a “taste test” and it makes suggestions for you. I found such amazing wines this way.

It was like having my own personal sommelier.

Now, even if I am going to the liquor store to get a wine, I quickly bring up the app and search it. It shows me what % match I am, which gives me a good indication if I will like it or not. So far…it has been BANG ON.

To set your own BC Wine Goals or learn more about the BC Wine Explorers app, click here. 

Read an article in The Globe and Mail interviewing my usage of the app. 

My #BCWineGoals

If you have been following my Instagram, you may have noticed a series of posts dedicated to me trying various new BC VQA wines (yes I always look for that label).

I created a BC VQA Guide here if you want more detail about each wine and the flavours.

I set six goals in total, and with each, I made a point to try a brand new wine that I had not tasted before. I found each by looking for something specific on the BC Wine Explorers app. I made a list a list, some I ordered, some I bought at a local BC Liquor Store, either way, it was extremely easy and convenient.

I discovered through each goal, the following wines that I love so much now:

What I realized…I am not just a red wine lover, I enjoy everything! I would have never before thought to do a sparkling on a weekday, but why not? The discovering will not stop, and I’m continuing with these goals.

I encourage you to visit the BC Wine Goals page. Browse the 12 different goals and click on the ones you want to do. You will automatically be taken to the BC Wine Explorers app to start your discoveries.

I can’t wait to find out what you try.

Salut friends!

ChristinaChandra - content creator

This post is sponsored by Wines of British Columbia, however, all opinions and content is my own. 

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