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“I create content for you. So that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.”

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I get it, you are busy running a business, starting a business, or have work piling up. Although you know the need for content, you are struggling to find the time to create it yourself.

You aren’t alone.

Many business owners struggle with updating copy on their websites, creating social content and blogs, or doing newsletters, etc. on a regular basis. It’s not something you want to put off, you are just too busy. Content services are a must.  It is part of your online presence, portfolio and how you show your authority in your space.

Every new person that is looking for your service is online right now. Will they find your content?

Research shows that content drives traffic to websites which leads to potential clients or customers. Recurring content on social or blogs needs to exist. As well, your website needs to reflect accurate information so that your potential client can get to know you and press that “contact us” link. Next, you need to engage the community you worked so hard to build, connect with them and deliver the information they signed up for.

You may want to put out press releases, or feature articles to showcase your expertise or relay your brand’s messaging. Whatever your needs are, it NEEDS to get done.

Don’t put it on the shelf any longer.

Hire me for all your content needs. Contact Me Today. 

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What Can I Do For You?

I create content for clients so that they can focus on other aspects of their business. I get to know their needs and brand voice, then get creative.

Work with someone who has a trusted reputation. Check out my reviews.

I have worked as a copywriter and content manager for marketing agencies, as a freelancer, and as a professional writer for nearly a decade. I have created copy for big-name brands, start-ups, and many publications.

See my complete list of potential services, keeping in mind I will work with you to create a plan that works for you (budget-wise and actual needs). Ask me about package bundles!

Don’t struggle with copywriting and content upkeep, contact me for a quote today!

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