Five Roads Brewing Company: Langley Eatery and Craft Beer Anyone Will Love

RESTAURANT REVIEW:  Five Roads Brewing Company, 202nd Street, Langley, BC

Nestled in a pocket of Langley, I met up with a friend to do a visit to a new micro-brewery that created, crafted, and served their beer made in-house. Now, anyone that knows me, knows I’m not an avid beer drinker, in fact, I don’t feel I even order it out. So I was skeptical that someone could convince me that there is a beer for everyone. Well…convince me they did. Unique, flavourful, interesting, and quite honestly, the best beer I have drunk, aside, the space was fantastic on so many levels.

The space is modern, with shiny wood surfaces, and completely open. You can sit anywhere and have a clear view of the large stainless steel barrels or containers brewing beer in the backroom. Everything on tap is a Five Roads Brewing Company beer. The flavours are interesting with things like nitro (which is coffee-infused), some that have hints of cherry or citrus, and so on. Their mandate…come in, enjoy, and try beers and enjoy the overall experience.

five roads brewing company

What to Drink

Naturally, I thought I would gravitate towards the lightest of beers, however, I have to say I was surprised. I really enjoyed them all, however my personal favourites were the sour IPA, and the nitro…which was a dark ale but with coffee and chocolate hints. It’s hard to recommend what you should drink, however. The current taps are always rotating, depending on what the brewmaster has deemed ready to be served. As well, he is always creating new creations and the taps are rotated so often. The best idea is to get a flight, try a few, and have fun with all their creations.

What to Eat

While the menu isn’t large, after all, it is a brewery, the menu complements beer and really, hits all the hunger tones. It’s simple enough so that anyone can enjoy something on the menu. Also, they make it a point to find their food locally, from the town of Langley itself. They are trying to be a business that is local-focussed…even their pizzas are locally sourced.  I recommend trying the Margherita pizza, though I’m sure all of them are fantastic. The kids love samosas, which are always great with beer, or on its own. And my personal favourite, if hanging out, is the charcuterie board.


The space is beautiful. Bright, very open, soft blue bar stook, high tables that are oaky but shiny, clean, modern, and cheery. Although it’s a brewery, it is a family-friendly zone, There is an area with arcade games, and children are welcome.  The ambiance is very relaxed, in fact, you feel very comfortable as soon as you walk in, there is a positive and friendly aura about the place. The owners are all family-oriented, and the staff is always smiling. You cannot help but feel welcome and happy throughout your entire visit.

To learn more about Five Roads Brewing Company, check out my review video.


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I found the menu just right for a brewery. You are going there to sample beers, so it should accompany that. I think having pizzas and samosas is a nice touch, as well as soft pretzels and so forth. Do not go there expecting burgers and huge nachos…it’s not that kind of place, the beer menu is the real star.

The space is definitely kid-friendly, with games, open spaces. Having said that, it’s not necessarily a place you would go for a family dinner (given there aren’t a lot of dinner/food options). However, if you have your kids, you can definitely bring them and  are welcome.

Staff are very helpful…they help direct you on what is on tap, very knowledgeable about the brewmaster’s creations and help you navigate what to pick. I think this is key in any brewery.

If you love beer, yes…you MUST visit. I was blown away by the fact so much love and pride was taken to craft beers, and it tastes great. I love that it supports the local community and feel when you find a gem as such…everyone should give them a visit as well. Check it out, I sincerely think you will enjoy it.


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