Egg & Co: My Favourite Vancouver Brunch Spot

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Egg & Co. , Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 

It’s no secret that brunch is probably my favourite meal. I was so excited with Fraserhood got its own spot dedicated to just…brunch!

Since Egg & Co opened, it has become a favourite. Almost love at first bite, if you will. There is so much to adore about this charming brunch venue. The decor, it is charming, almost vintage with bright colours and checkered tiles and plants. The menu, food, and beverages…I cannot really sum that up, as they very carefully ensured that there is something for everyone. The staff, pleasant and kind, always making you feel right at home (even if it’s your first time).

Being as I love brunch, it’s about time there was a place in Fraserhood that specialized in it. So I am all about it! It’s also a place you can actually take the kids. I have gone there as a family, with each kid on my own, with just my husband, and also with a girlfriend. So far, each visit has been nothing short of awesome. My favourites for myself: The Triple Ice’d Coffee (with a shot of Kahlua), the smoked salmon benedict OR the black truffle and mushroom toast. Having said that, I have taken a bite of almost everything on the menu by now and you can’t go wrong. For my kids, they swear it’s the best pancakes they have ever had. We opt to get the strawberries and chantilly on the side. And the classic Egg & Co breakfast, again, the kids swear it’s the best.

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The menu is a good mix of classic brunch options as well as some fun options such as spaghetti carbonara (yes with an egg on it), pork cheek pancakes, black truffle, and mushroom toast…honestly everything is absolutely delicious! I feel as though, every time I visit I try something else new, so I dare you to get bored of the menu…I dare you. 

My daughter especially loves their pancakes, claiming they are the best she ever had. The space is perfect for kids, very friendly staff, and kid-friendly dishes as well. I recommend sitting in the booths with the kids.

The staff is incredible. In particular, the bartender is amazing…the drinks are amazing as is, but if you need something slightly customized he is open to doing so. It’s not just mimosas either, special coffees are the bomb here (do people still say that)?

It’s become a favourite. The food is always consistently great, love the drinks, the staff is great, the ambience is perfect for catching up, and it’s in a convenient location.  A bonus: knowing that you can rent it out for private parties!

“I love this Vancouver Brunch spot.”

Check out Egg & Co’s full menu on Fraser Street. And if you do check it out, be sure to check back and let me know what you tried!

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